Arts and Sciences Tournament Competition Entries

sorry no picture of my performance Performing Arts: Poem, topic: Beauty

Form of my poem was a Sestina

Poem (pdf)
Documentation (pdf)

This was a winning entry.

Fine Arts: Heraldic Banner

Painted 15th C. Tournament Banner

This is 2 sided as would have been appropriate and bears my husbands arms.

Documentation (pdf)

This was a winning entry.

Technical Sciences: Horse Barding

As you can see I used a rocking horse as my model and my husbands badge.


Some people don't think I have a sense of humor. Well.....
The right ear neighs when you press it.
The left ear gallops when you press it.

Using a miniture version caused a couple scale issues. For example the front panel should come to fine ties around the back of the neck. Also the "Hood" would refuse to stand up properly.

Practical Sciences: Preserved Foods

Brined Artichokes (Elizabethan)
To keep artichocks all the yeare.


It is interesting to note that nearly a year has passed and the artichokes are still good.

Pickled Cheese (Roman)
Tyros eis Halmen


Thanks go to Maeva for the cheese idea.

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