March Crown: Practical Science: Tinctures

This was probably the most fun of the projects. I love looking at all the possible variations and trying a number of them. The project was planned in February and executed in March.

Dyeing with Tannic Acid and Iron: Black Walnut Husks

Documentation (pdf)

For documentation I followed the addage:
What did they do?
What did you do?
If you did something different explain why.
Also use citations; including primary sources where possible.

This was a winning entry in a field of 7.

Walnuts and Iron courtesy of Bjo Trimble - Griffin Dyeworks

Walnut in all its variations and the "only" iron to the far right. Results of Project 1 is at the top, Project 2 is top left, and Project 3 is the front row.

Dyeing with Tannic Acid and Iron: Berry Vine Dye

Documentation (pdf)

Back to Front - Berry vine alone, with post mordant, iron alone, with premordant.

Walnut Inks

Documentation (pdf)

See the inks - 5 variations with pens and paper to try the inks, 2 "rings" of yarns and silk with the berry vine to the left and walnut right.

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