Purgatorio and October Crown

Technical Science: Broaches

4 Wire Broaches - 2 copper, 2 brass


These are 4 small wire broaches. The top left is probably the closest to the original. The top right, while beautiful and works well, has been the topic of some discussion. Since I have only read a description of the original, this is MY interpretation of what was said. It may be wrong or right. The lower left is pretty close to the original, but has design flaws. I tried the same one in a finer wire guage to get it closer to the original, but it was too fine (lower right).

This was a winning entry.

Practical Science: Bone or Antler

This is a set of textile implements. L-R Pin with thread loop - cloak clasp, needle (it is on its side here), naalbinding needle, seam smoother, 2 needlecases. The needlecases are turkey leg bone in lieu of goose. The others are pig bone.


Much thanks go to my husband, William, for the use of his tools, instruction on use of said tools, and tool bench; not to mention his patience and understanding on the evenings he didn't get dinner.

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